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Questions & Answers

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How much are the Site Fees?

We have three different seasons on offer at Firs Park.

8 Month March till October
10.5 Month March till January
12 Month Seasons all year round.

Please contact us direct for more in depth information.

What does the purchase price of the caravan holiday home include?

If the caravan is a park owned caravan all items listed below are included in the overall cost which makes sure it is safe and ready to use for your first holiday.
• Delivery
• Siting and Connections
• Connection to Gas & Electricity
• Connection to Water and Waste
• Gas Safety Check

If the caravan is a private sale then all fixtures and fittings come with the caravan and other items such as microwave and fridge are negotiable at the time of purchase (or may be included).

When are we allowed to use our caravan holiday home?

This will depend on what season you choose

8 Month season you can use your holiday home from 1st March – 31st October
10 ½ Month season you can use your holiday home from 1st March – 14th January
12 Month Season you can use your holiday home all year round.

Your Caravan must only be used for holiday and recreational use, it must not be used as main residence.

During your closed season, you may visit the park but you are not allowed to stay overnight.

The electricity on the park will be on to enable you to leave a small heater on in the caravan to help prevent frost damage but unfortunately the water may be turned off for maintenance.

When do we have to pay our fees?

Site fees are payable before the 1st of March each year.

We send out notification in November and offer a discount if the fees are paid in full before 1st February.

What other costs are involved?

Electricity is metered and billed bi-annually.
Gas Safety Checks must be done annually.
Gas is sold by the bottle.

All Caravans must be insured.
We do not sell our own insurance. Giving you the chance to get a competitive quote.
Insurance is mandatory and we require a copy of your current certificate annually.

Can I sublet my static caravan?

Strictly no.

We do not allow any form of letting or subletting.

What about Friends and Family?

Yes, you are permitted to allow friends and family to use your caravan, provided they adhere to the park rules.

How long can my static caravan holiday home stay on the park?

We do not have an age limit for caravans. We do reserve the right to, after the caravan is 20 years old, not to allow it to be sold on the park. This will depend on the condition of the caravan and the condition of the internal appliances.

What are the rules on the park?

A copy of the rules will be given to you prior to the purchase of your caravan and form part of the licence agreement. All are common sense rules, which exist for your benefit and enjoyment.

Can I have decking, patios, or a shed?

Yes although you must seek approval and guidance from the office to make sure that you are complying with fire regulations.

Storage boxes are allowed but wooden sheds are not permitted. A distance of at least 3.5m must be kept clear from decking and the neighbouring caravan.

Can I bring my Dog?

Yes, our Park is dog friendly. However we do have restrictions on certain breeds. Contact us for more details.

Approval must be sought from the office before bringing your dog to the park.